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Cozumel Catamarans
Cozumel catamaran boat rentals for meetings group, incentive travel tours(en español)
US 1-646-862-6030   MEX +52 998-848-2904
Texting SMS • Telegram • Viber • Line • Whatsapp > +5219981492524 email:

Private groups, 2 boats of 80 people, beach for hundreds. Boats available for rent. Cozumel Island beach club
Restaurants, pool, beach, tours, games, activities.

We know how special the Group & Incentive segment is and for this reason we provide you endless options to make your event unique at our exotic cozumel beach park location with strategically placed logos and signs in different areas, adapting services to your special requests and much more!

The following are examples of opportunity areas where you can personalize your group:
Reserved area on the unique
Cozumel beach & restaurant with specially designed cards with your logo.
Tend cards with description of buffet dishes specially designed with your logo.
Welcoming banners with your logo (different sizes available).
Personalized towel with your logo as a souvenir.
Personalized t-shirt with your logo as a souvenir.
Create custom tour excursions on the beach park, snorkeling on the national marine park and more
Personalized entrance wristband specially designed with your logo.
Chocolate message - by the end of your stay surprise your group with a sweet farewell chocolate accompanied with a logo note design.


Wondering what to do while vacationing in Cozumel? sail through the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea adventure Cozumel and enjoy the adventure of snorkeling at the Palancar and Colombia reefs, located within Cozumel’s National Marine Park, one of the best snorkel sites in the world! You’ll drift snorkel in Cozumel and discover its exotic variety of fish as well as the magnificent coral formations and colorful marine life these spectacular reefs have to offer.
Our PADI certified dive masters will provide you with the professional equipment you need and advice you on how to fully enjoy your experience while you adventure at one of Mexico’s natural wonders.

After snorkeling through Cozumel and while you enjoy a scenic boat ride, complementary beverages will be gladly served for your refreshment as you will be taken to the finest Beach Club in Cozumel : Playa Mia Grand Beach & Water Park where you will have the opportunity to enjoy at your beach excursion our National Open Bar, a Self-Service International Buffet and more than 20 services and attractions available, such as: hammocks, pool, non-motorized water toys, shopping center, the Underwater Mayan City & much more. For a nominal fee you can enjoy other activities such as: outdoor massage, hair braiding etc…

After Playa Mia® let the good times continue on board with refreshments, music and a lot of fun while you enjoy your boat ride back to the pier.
Tour duration: 5 hours including transportation time.

Tour departs from: San Miguel pier known as Fiscal pier, meeting point between La Canalla and Palmeras restaurant in front the Fiscal Pier.
Tour capacity: 80 guests per trip.

Purified bottled water
Mineral water
Assorted soft drinks
Draft beer
House wine A variety of blends are available to prepare beberages, including: piña colada, margaritas, daiquiris, rum punch, etc.

In addition to the options in the NATIONAL Open Bar the client will be able to select ONE option from each of the liquors mentioned from the following list:
Bottle Beer - XX Lager - Sol.
Tequila - Cuervo Reposado - Hornitos Sauza Reposado
Rum - Bacardi Blanco - Bacardi Añejo
Brandy - Don Pedro - Presidente
Vodka - Smirnoff - Wiborowa
Whisky - J&B - Jim Beam
Gin - Tanqueray
National wine - Blanc de Blancs - Cabernet Sauvignon

In addition to the options in the NATIONAL Open Bar the client will be able to select ONE option from each of the liquors mentioned from the SILVER Open Bar chart OR ONE option from the GOLDEN Open Bar list presented below:
Bottle Beer- XX Lager - Sol - Bohemia
Tequila- Jose Cuervo 1800 - Herradura Blanco - Herradura Añejo
Rum - Captain Morgan - Malibu - Solera Bacardi
Brandy - Terry Centenario - Torres 5 - Azteca de oro
Vodka - Absolut Blue - Finlandia - SKYY
Whiskey - Crown Royal - Johnny Walker RL - Jack Daniels
Cognac - Courvoiser VS - Martell VS
GIN - Bombay Sapphire - Beefeater
International white wine - Blanc de Blancs - Chardeonnay - Sauvigñon
International red wine - Cabernet Sauvigñon - Merlot - Shiraz

They client may choose 6 types of appetizers (considering 6 pieces per guest) from the following list:
*Amount subject to change upon request.

Stuffed cone or Vol-au-vent
Stuffed with Russian salad and shredded chicken.

Breaded Mushrooms
Whole Mushrooms, breaded with Japanese bread, sprinkled with fine herbs and served with tomato sauce.

Shrimp with cocktail sauce
Broiled in vegetables, peeled, and served with cocktail sauce.

Shrimp on cream cheese and bread
Cream cheese spread on black bread toped with a whole shrimp.

Calamari rings
Breaded calamari rings served with marinara sauce.

Turkey and Cheese Croissant
Croissant filled with turkey breast, Gouda cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and pickles’ garlanded with Black olives.

Mini beef meat balls
Mini grilled beef meat balls accompanied with Dijon Mustard.

Cucumber, carrots, jicama and celery Strips marinated in a mixed of vinaigrette dressing and cream cheese served with papaya sauce or hot mustard sauce.


The client may choose from 6 types of appetizers (considering 6 pieces per guest) from the following list:
*Amount subject to change upon request.

Stuffed cone or Vol-au-vent
Stuffed cone or Vol-au-vent with tuna, mayonnaise and cream cheese or with ham, cream cheese and red peppers.

Golden baked bread Sticks bathed in olive oil and sprinkled with parmesan cheese and bay leaves.

Cantaloupe pearls and Serrano cured country ham
Cantaloupe pearls wrapped in Serrano ham cured country ham thin slices.

Breaded Shrimp
Fine herbs breaded shrimp served with thousand island sauce or aurora dressing.

Satay Chicken Kebabs
Grilled Chicken breast covered with Satay sauce, sprinkled with chopped peanuts.

Mexican cheeses platter
Selection of national cheeses, presented in a platter accompanied with grapes, apples and a selection of bread.

Spring Rolls
Chicken or vegetables Spring rolls, served with soy sauce and a touch of serrano chili pepper.

Beef Gaoneras
Thin beef fillet placed on top of a small corn tortilla, served with a hot pasilla chili sauce.


The client may choose from 6 types of appetizers (considering 6 pieces per guest) from the following list:
*Amount subject to change upon quotation request.

Stuffed cone or Vol-au-vent
Napoleon – Stuffed cone or Vol-au-vent with crab meat, cream cheese, scallions and chopped almonds.

Spinach and Béchamel Croquettes
Small delicious stuffed croquettes with spinach and béchamel sauce.

Pineapple Marina Style
Gigant shrimp on cocktel sauce.

Coconut Shrimp
Breaded shrimp, Japanese bread and shredded coconut, served with a mixed sauce of piña colada, honey, Dijon mustard and Tabasco sauce.

Cheese covered grapes
Seedless grapes covered with a combination of cream cheese and blue cheese, rolled over finely chopped nut, paprika and parsley.

Salmón Tapa
Slightly toasted Baguette slice bathed in olive oil, topped with cream cheese spread and crowned with a thin salmon slice.

Bacon wrapped oysters
Golden grilled white wine and black peeper marinated Oyster’s, wrapped in bacon slices.

Surf & Turf
Shrimp wrapped in a thinly sliced marinated beef filet.

Bruschetta with Zesty sauce and mozzarella cheese
Slightly toasted bread slices with a touch of garlic and olive oil topped with Zesty sauce and mozzarella cheese.

Activities for group, options available at beach club


Take a magical trip in a glass bottom boat through the crystal waters of the Caribbean Sea and enjoy the adventure of snorkeling at Cozumel’s National Marine Park at the Palancar and Colombia reefs, one of the best snorkel sites in the world! You’ll drift snorkel and discover its exotic variety of fish, the magnificent coral formations and colorful marine life this spectacular reef has to offer.
Our PADI certified dive masters will provide you with professional equipment and advice you on how to fully enjoy your experience while you adventure Cozumel at one of Mexico’s natural wonder.
After snorkeling and while you enjoy a scenic boat ride complementary beverages will be gladly served for your refreshment as you will be taken to the finest Beach Club in cozumel: Playa Mia Grand Beach & Water Park.
At the park you will have included hammocks, pool, sailboat, kayaks, water trampoline, Iceberg Mountain, paddle boats, shopping center, underwater Mayan city & much more. For a nominal fee you can enjoy a special meal or buffet in one of our restaurants, outdoor massage, hair braiding…

Tour duration estimated: 2 hours.
Tour departs from: Playa Mia pier.
Tour capacity: 10 guests per trip.


Have you ever wanted to prepare a full course Mexican meal but did not have that special recipe nor the secrets to its preparation? The Mexican cuisine Workshop & Tasting shore excursion has been awarded three times as one of the best Caribbean excursion in Cozumel and will give you the opportunity to learn how to prepare, serve and decorate some of the most exquisite traditional recipes of this internationally acclaimed cuisine while having a fun filled time in a unique and dynamic class guided by a prestigious chef!!

Have fun at a dynamic fully equipped workstation with a variety of ingredients and utensils that will be ready for your meal preparation; once you are done practicing your cooking skills, kick it up a notch with a festive atmosphere where you will enjoy your very own dish creations accompanied by Mexican wine with a berth taking view of the turquoise waters of the Caribbean sea.

After lunch you will be able to relax and enjoy Playa Mia’s Cozumel beach and facilities which includes more than 20 services & attractions.
Tour duration estimated: 3 hours for workshop & tasting.

Three course menu: a fabulous homemade “Sope” (pinched corn tortilla) with devil style shrimp (in chipotle sauce), topped with shredded lettuce, cheese and cream. Fish filet with sautéed vegetables in a tamarind sauce. Caramelized plantains with cinnamon in a chocolate and tequila sauce. (Menu is subject to change without notice).

Tour capacity: 40 guests per class.
Minimum age 14 years old, maximum age 70 years old.


Make your Green Meeting at PLAYA MIA®; minimizing the negative ecological impact that this events generate, achieving it with planning and adapting according to the necessities that green meeting events requires. It is important to mention that this event creates a substantial economic benefit as it utilizes recyclable materials, reused items, reducing materials and much more.

The Group and Incentive is divided into small groups, each has to accomplish a task at our beach club and after completing each one will received the piece of a bicycle with the intention of placing them all together; once all tasks are completed the Group has to build the bicycles, those are later donated to children of a Cozumel nonprofit organization.

The Group and Incentive is divided into small groups, each group has to decipher all clues provided by us with the means of finding the backpacks and school utensils located all over our beach park which are then donated to a cozumel public school.

The Group and Incentive is divided into small groups and while giving one hour of their time, they will clean a virgin Beach of the Islandof cozumel; the team that has the most weight in waste wins.

Beach WEDDINGS at Cozumel

Are you looking for a tropical wedding, Greek columns to frame your ceremony location, or just wanting the perfect Cozumel beach? Located on a beautiful expanse of the white sand beach in Cozumel, PLAYA MIA® offers couples one of the grandest Cozumel beach wedding and reception locations available.
If privacy is a concern, PLAYA MIA® can be booked exclusively for your dream wedding and reception. With settings for a small beach wedding to a lavish affair, PLAYA MIA® can cater to your every need.

Carretera Puerto Juarez Km 1.5 Blue Bay Hacienda del Marina Suite 86 CP77510 Cancun QR Mexico
Phone Number Mexico (Texting SMS  Whatsapp Telegram)+52-1-998-149-2524 / Land Line +52-998-848-2904
US Number +1-646-862-6030 email to


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Incredible crew. Great experience. Would highly recommend.
We charter boats all over the world and was impressed with the experience.
We will be back!!!

Ryan Tetuan opinó sobre Luxury Yacht Charter Cancun: 5 stars
Took a beautiful boat out with a crew of 8. Skippers were very friendly, took us to Isla Mujeres
where we relaxed in the waste deep water for a few hours. They packed sandwiches and drinks for the trip,
and included snorkel gear.
Was a very reasonable price, and the best thing we did on our trip!

Danielle Welch opinó sobre Luxury Yacht Charter Cancun 5 estrellas
We Booked a boat for our wedding reception for 50 people. Great music played throughout the night and the drink flowed freely all night.
We have had our guests come up to us since saying how impressed they were with the service.
Cannot recommend this company enough.
With out us realising our bridesmaids had contacted them to get some extra microphones to do our speeches on the boat, all worked out perfectly.
We only booked when we were in Mexico less than 10 days before the wedding, Eduardo was very helpful with everything.

Claire Bear
Foto del perfil de Claire BearMy company Up in the Air Life rented a large boat in Playa Del Carmen for a sunset cruise and surprise dinner for our guests.
Eduardo was responsive and simply amazing with working with us.
His team did everything they could to assist us with a walk through and the staff was very gracious and supportive on the boat servings drinks
and organizing the surprise dinner with a DJ! We had a phenomenal time and we definitely will do it again.

Alpha Orca
Foto del perfil de Alpha Orca2016 / The reservation was handled quickly and Eduardo was very responsive
and helpful when there was any technical difficulty.
overall had a great experience.

Angy & Joseph I searched in Internet for a private luxury yacht for my wife and me. I wanted to surprise her on our anniversary. I found an interesting link under
I called the company and Eduardo Fernandez  eduardo@Cancuncd,com recommended me to rent a luxury sailboat (an Odisey 45 feet) and make a trip around Isla Mujeres. The boat also has 3 cabins if you want to spend the night aboard.
It was a marvellous experience. We thought we would be about 4 hours on board, but in the end there were 7 hours! The time flies when you are enjoying yourself so much! We sailed around the Isla Mujeres, we spent some time in water, snorkelling with a trainer, watching the many little beautiful fish and reefs in the Caribbean Sea.
Lunch was delicious, with all typical dishes (guacamole, ceviche, burritos). Soft drinks and drink water was also included.
And the price was also convenient. We payed U$ 1400 for a complete day with lunch, coffee, soft drinks, purified water. And it was worth every penny!
After arriving back to the harbour, we decided to meet again on the following day because the Capitan Genaro offered me the unique opportunity to learn some sailing techniques on this luxury sail boat. This experience was unique! Really fantastic! If we had not paid already for a hotel room, we would have spent the night aboard in Isla Mujeres! Capitan Genaro offered this to us without any extra costs! It was a pity that we had not planned it in advance!
If you are planning to fly to Cancun, I highly recommend that you have a look at this link -45-odisey.html.
An unforgettable sailing experience! Just try it and you will be delighted!
Many thanks, Eduardo, for your recommendation!

Parnaz M
We were 27 people and rented a bus. We booked through Eduardo and after checking several other companies I found it was by far the best pricing.
The bus arrived right on time. Our driver, Gustavo, was fantastic.
We had a late lunch and were running behind getting to Tulum. Gustavo let us know they stop letting people in at 4, then he called the office,
 found a tour guide, and had the guide buy our tickets in advance so we were ready to go the minute we stepped off the bus.
 If it hadn't been for him, there's no way we would have made it. Thank you Gustavo, you saved our trip!

Robert Joesel 
Eduardo set our private party of 24 on a 40 person boat and it was perfect. Plenty of room, and great, attentive staff.
The beer was cold and tasted great! Quality liquor products as well. Eduardo set up transportation to/from the hotel
and met us at the dock where we proceeded past the lines direct to our boat. If you have a group going, definitely give Eduardo a call!

Travis Merrill
DO NOT HESITATE booking! My wife and I booked for our wedding reception and were very nervous without getting to see everything ahead of time but when the time came, everything exceeded our expectations! The transport service was very prompt and professional. The yacht was amazing with large double deck which had open bar, restroom, good music... it was a night to remember. Our friends and family are still talking about it and say its one of the best memories. Eduardo Fernandez was amazing host!

Greg Schmidt
We booked 1 day before we toured with not much research prior and was pleasantly surprised with the level of service and follow up that Eduardo did for us. He went the extra mile to look after myself and fiancé before and after our tour. especially the next morning when we needed a charter to the airport when our times changed. Our boat suited our needs, the crew was really nice and accommodating even though they didn't speak much English. I will definitely book another tour with Eduardo next time I am in the Mayan Riviera! Tulum tour will be next.

Bruce Pursell
Eduardo and crew did an excellent job on our recent cruise. We had 3 couples on a sunset and full moon rise cruise. When the boat we chartered was late in its return from previous cruise Eduardo arranged for us to be taken out on another very nice boat for a couple hours and then returned to dock and switched boats. This was very unobtrusive and gave us a chance to experience 2 different boats. On top of that he gave us extra time on the cruise. The food provided as snacks was excellent and more than I expected. The crew made the cruise fun and we enjoyed it very much. Although the full moon was epic, next time I will go during the day and get in some snorkeling on a nice reef at anchor.


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